Why a Laredo Cultural District Now?

Now is the time to seize the day!

When the idea of a cultural district was just a figment in our imagination, all of our cultural entities were hard at work. The Webb County Heritage Foundation was dressing their exhibits at the Border Heritage Museum. Vendors were being lined up to serve fresh products and produce with the Laredo Main Street Farmer’s Market. The Phoenix Bookstore was renovating their historic home to become a place for book clubs to share the written word. Familiar restaurants with generations bussing tables to food trucks and grub hubs. Art went from gallery to maker’s markets. From Cultura to Frontera Beer Gardens, new brews, live music and social agendas were in high demand. The Laredo Center for the Arts set the stage for artists and exhibits and workshops to educate and expand. IT Street became a thing. Drive-in movie nights or a spot in front at the Laredo Film Society. Pop-up shops, concha fests and everything in between.

We just knew in our hearts that this was the place. The place where arts and culture collided in three distinct places – El Centro (Downtown), Avenida San Bernardo and Fort Mac. United – these districts have it all. Grub to Coffee. Visual arts to performing arts. Theater to Comedy. Youth to Vintage. Spontaneous or Planned.

We just want to unify this place where arts and culture thrive. A place where the youth can be inspired and the aged and get newly inspired. Where heritage can collaborate with fresh ideas. We want to amplify what has been going on for 266 years in this Frontera and showcase the unique flavor Laredo has to offer for cultural tourism and our own civic pride.

Join us in sharing our culture and expression of the arts with all those we love and know as well as the ones who are the next to love Laredo as much as us. Welcome to our district – the Laredo Cultural District.

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